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The History of

Storla Station

Storla Station


Many generations of our local family farms were blessed with having a close location for various services. A quick lunch, a tire repair, and a spot for cattle feed or even big ticket items including seed/fertilizer/chemical.


We were upset when told in 2021 that this store would be closed, letting down all the local farmers. Our options were obvious. Either adapt from a short trip for all these needs to the long trip to a bigger town, or form a group of local farmers with our various talents and backgrounds to get it back up and going. And thus the Storla Station was renewed.


Storla Station

Local family farms coming together.

With the simple goal of keeping these services alive for the locals, we added starting/reviving a neglected farm and agronomy supply to our busy farm lives. Our aim is this. Continue the tradition, the convenience, and the services for the farmers and ranchers in this area. We deserve this, and our hope is our accessibility to everything this store has to offer are never in jeopardy again. 


Storla Station Shirts

To help support the Storla Station, you can purchase a Storla Station tee with the link below!

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